Hot Crossed Buns

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Inexcusable behaviour by ‘fake’ flat eric and the Easter chicken

Here I am, sitting in Hong Kong airport eating a hot crossed buns
(two, if I am being truthful) for the first time in four years. Part
of the collateral damage of living abroad is losing connections with
the festivals and annual habits from home that help form your own
personal calendar.

I am no religious person, but Easter is one of those times of the year
that helps punctuate the start of the good weaker, and living in a
culture where that does not exist can be quite hard -especially as the
disappointment usually sinks in on November 6th that you just missed
Guy Fawkes night. Again.

And Easter? Well I don’t even like chocolate that much, but what I do
love is a toasted hot crossed bun laced with melted butter and served
steamy hot. I didn’t get the toasted bit, but I did make up for it
with the butter. Happy Easter everyone!

Destination: Shanghai (Secret) … photo by the Helds

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  1. Anonymous
    Posted 2008/03/24 at 06:36 | Permalink

    happy easter!
    cambridge was all white this morning! snowed like crazy… but it’s all gone now :(

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