Victory Beer in Shanghai Airport

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After all my stress and anxiety and hard work and rushing around Asia and really feeling rather full up and not myself quite for the last few months, I feel like I am sitting on top of a mountain right now with everything happening down below me.

…. I am now in Shanghai Airport having a beer with my boss Corrado, after finishing a large pan-Asian design strategy project – crucially having a good response and teeing up a second phase. The key difference with the second phase is that I will no longer be working for DEM, but instead working as Design Manager for Dell in Taipei from the end of the month. That’s worth another post.

So…. what a way to finish my DEM experience – beer in hand and staring down the fresh-out-of-the-shrinkwrap Pudong Terminal 2. One day left in DEM, and then two weeks on beautiful Bali. Bloody well done me!

Reflected in the the immense windows of the even more immense Shanghai Pudong Terminal 2 … spot Corrado on the phone behind the taxi.

Say “ahhhhh”

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