Bali Mountain Biking

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It’s been a while coming while I start work and get back into things, but I am finally sorting some photos from Bali. One of the highlights of the trip was three days mountain biking in the volcanoes in the centre of the island – an island that is much larger than I ever would have expected.

Bikes locked and loaded.

The guys at Bali Trailblazers had a pretty thorough set-up with good staff and equipment, in stark contrast to my adventures in Thailand where pretty much everything that could go wrong very much did so. The guide over the three days was Bali champion, and previous Indonesia #1, and boy did he give me a workout. Indeed, for the whole time I felt like he was in training, which may not have been too far away from the truth.

Pointing towards volcanoes.


The green, green fields of home.

Paddy’s Day

Road to Dell

Fields. No more comment.

Looking pretty pleased with myself!

Gratuitous bike photos at the end of the day.

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And finally, a map of some of the riding and places that I was staying in on the island.

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    looks good.

    jamie c

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