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Well, here I am back in my favourite blogging spot, Hong Kong airport, and it makes me realise that I have not been giving as much time of late to tapping away at the keyboard – or this keyboard at least.

It’s probably quite dull to read that it has been a busy couple of months – yeah it is, Jonathan – but here I am at the start of July and heading back for my sister’s wedding! Blam. The thing on the fringe of my radar has run up and slapped me in the face. Well, I am more than certain this week will be simply magic. I have oodles of good food, drink and people lined up, some introduction to wakeboarding that I am sure will fill my sister with glee when she sees me smash into the water, and catching up with several dozen family members that I have not seen in … wow … quite a few years. It should be bloody marvellous.

The next post will be from ground level, staring at clouds from the garden, French beer stubby in hand. Roll on CX 255!

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