The Last Supper

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In the rush for the wedding, I was quite concerned that I would not be able to find time to really hang out with Ele before she dropped her Biddle nomenclature, but her calm planning meant that we were able to dine together on the Thursday before the steamroller of ‘Super Saturday’ swept all before it.

We dropped into the Gardinia right on the side of the River Cam, which had pretty okay food, but certainly the best riverside views in Cambridge, down as were at ‘punt-level’ with the guys driftin by, munching on their curries (an act of genius on the part of the local Indian take-aways).

A very nice night indeed!

Ele looks cheeky

Lads hard at work.

And in other news, I managed to pop down to London to see Phil and drop in on a few museums. I was pleased to catch the ‘China Design Now’ exhibition at the V&A;, which was certainly the best event focusing on Sino-creativity I have been to thus far, I got my regular visit in at the Tate Modern, and I caught Sam Hecht’s show at the Design Museum, along with a pretty thorough Richard Rogers retrospective. All cultured up, I felt pretty pleased with myself.

Christpher Wren’s St. Paul’s Cathederal, in all its renovated glory.

I am almost certain I take the same photo every time I walk over this bridge “The Blade of Light”.

The exterior of the Tate, decorated with pretty arresting street art for an exhibition inside.

The interior resplendent in the light (with the populous shivering outside – it was bloody freezing!)

I do appreciate these little acts.

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