Mr. & Mrs. Hargreaves

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My sister is now called Eleanor Hargreaves – fancy that!

Months of preparation, planning and preening – not mine, I might add – culminated in a quite, quite wonderful occasion, that would set a new standard if people started measuring these things (although based on the number of Excel spreadsheets circulated and revised to plan the event, some pretty detailed data visualisation could probably be generated).

I was willingly roped in to MC the event, which was spread between the University Arms Hotel (with appropriate pop festival sound track) and Emmanuel College (backing vocals provided by the porter telling me and everyone else to stay off the grass). Family members came from far and wide, and it was truly strange to have both sides of the family together in one place – well, I suppose since Mum and Dad got hitched. It was a shame of course that I couldn’t spend more time with everyone, but I was chasing a stop watch attached to a large suspended axe if I dared get the timing wrong.

The epic planning managed to balance formal with personal, poignant with anarchic. It was a pleasure to have any involvement at all – so good luck guys! (I am sure you planned for that too)

My suggestion to leave the hair like this fell on deaf ears.


Ele prepares to leave the house for the last time as a Biddle!

Dad – your waistcoat is where, exactly?

Flars and megapixels

Mum’s ‘fascinator’ (my new word of the day)

The locals stop traffic for the beast (and my sister in the passenger seat)

The marriage procession

Signed up for love!

Beards ruled the day

Granny and mum watch with delight

A brave new world

Sniper in position …

… ready to take the shot!

Ele has her cake and eats it

Dad surveys the scene at Emmanuel

Not your average cookie-cutter wedding!

Second new word of the day is ‘gavel’ – and as MC I took great pleasure in knocking the hell out of it to get peoples’ attention as the speeches progressed.

Save me a piece!

I am positive that there will be more photos to come as various family members collect and collate the shots – but these are my personal ones of the day. Have a great time in Croatia, Ele and Dave Hargreaves!


  1. Posted 2008/07/22 at 23:42 | Permalink

    been researching into Taiwan+electronics and stumbled on your blog.
    you take good pics i like them ;)

  2. Posted 2008/07/22 at 23:48 | Permalink

    thank you very much sir!

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