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One of the advantages of my sister Eleanor’s job is that she has relatively regular travel to Asia, and I was lucky enough to host her third trip to the island a week or so ago, which was just awesome. On top of just hanging out and shooting the shit, we managed to squeeze some hot spring action in, and a trip down to the pottery town of Yingge. After literally flying around the world visiting clients and suppliers, my plans of flying out to one of the islands or training it down to Taroko perhaps were not ideal. The weather remained perfect in Taipei for once, so who cares?!

Ele and I at my favourite restaurant, avec vin, du pain but no Boursain.

The Taiwanese do love their concrete – no idea what these blocks are supposed to do, but some enterprising artist made their own decision.

On the train to Yinge

An actually rather nice spot looking out over the valley.

Colourful seats on the way home

And Jemima enjoys a hot spring ….. mascot for Ele’s latest product launch, and quite well travelled!

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    those concrete blocks are well cool! hey dan is coming to aus for a Gunners re-union next week – any chance you can fly in? we need you to complete the line-up! bindi lives here a couple of blocks away so its on! hope u are still living it large over there – we will have to seriously plan to meet up whilst u are i asia – any plan 2 come to aus? do u rekkon taiwan would be a good holiday destination with two little ones?

    peace and beigel bags x

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