Danshui Run

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Considering I am a pretty keen cyclist, I am surprised how long it took me to get out on the cycle paths to Danshui. A good hour away at speed, we were somewhat compromised by the incredible numbers of bleeding folding bikes everywhere. Not to worry – I applaud the government for building it, and double applaud the people for actually using it.

And it was all worth it to round the corner at Guandu with the sun setting through the famous temple, and rattling back home after watching Tropic Thunder with the crew happily racing scooters and paying little heed to traffic law.

Sam grinning at Guandu

The bikes, happily locked up in Ximending … with a key that was elsewhere in Taipei. Luckily Yamin’s brother is a lock smith and had it in pieces in about 30s. Which made me happy, but rather questioned the quality of the lock.

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