Dopplr 2008

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I have been amusing myself over the past year with Web 2.0 darling – essentially a set of tools to help plan, track, analyse and prod your travel, and allow you to see where fellow travelly friends are likely to be. It has taken quite some time to find anyone I know that uses it, but it has slowly grown into a nice thing that I believe has some potential, with a similar amount of interaction and intensity as Linked-In. This is actually an advantage in my view – I have a suspicion sites like Facebook that demand your everyday and immediate attention will fade as quickly as they appear. But I might be drastically wrong about that.

My raumzeitgeist. Whatever that means.

Along with the ‘social’ aspects of the site, it has some nice tools to make you feel guilty about the amount of carbon you are using (about 7500 kg for me in 2008 – oops!) and one or two fun toys, as you can see. We’ll see how it goes, but do connect to me if you can find me.

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