Down With the Kids – Mountain Biking in Taipei

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We struck it lucky with the yesterday, and penned in an afternoon ride to make room for the previous night’s activities (Japanese Rockabilly Punk, anyone?). As ever, Mark and I winched up for the climb and met the taxi crew at the top. Just before we got there, we passed a group of really rather young mountain bikers riding alone, and on quite decent wheels. This, quite simply, does not happen in Taiwan, so we were delighted to meet some young ones getting out into the hills, and jumped at the chance to guide them down some of our trails. These, dearest industrialists, are the future of Taiwan’s chance of becoming a real force in sport and culture, and the best way it can maintain a lead in Bicycle technology. Take note.

It was quite clear that the kids were going to comprehensively smoke us on the descents after about five minutes of practice – indeed, they grabbed Georg’s new super rig and schooled him in wheelies and bunny hops to his dismay / delight. We descended for over an hour together, managed to avoid getting any of them killed, but left them with Mark to take the easy route home after seeing them begin to get exhausted before the final section.

I have to show super respect to them – we were especially impressed with their flip-flop / body armour combo, and the non-stop hair-combing of one them when we stopped. I hope – really hope – that is is a trend. Really great day of riding again, and hopefully we bump into those kids again soon.

Latest apr├ęs-slope style

Irony, in shoe form… thanks for the photos Georg!


  1. Posted 2009/03/17 at 13:52 | Permalink

    Flip Flops and body armor, crazy!

  2. Anonymous
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    Hi, I am searching on web for Taiwan health and safety status, and found your link.
    After reading a few of your articles, finding that I am enjoying it. Must be difficult for you to learn mandarin. Anyway, leave a comment showing that I’ve been hear. May come back sometimes.
    Cindy from Shanghai

  3. Posted 2009/03/25 at 20:25 | Permalink

    Hello cindy … I am actually in shanghai right now!

  4. Anonymous
    Posted 2009/03/30 at 11:27 | Permalink

    Dear Jonathan,
    I come back again.
    Are you still in Shanghai? Shame that couldn’t read your comment on time. Leave you my email address,, feel free to send me mail anytime.

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