2 Days, 10,000 Buddas

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I have quite some photography and writing to catch up on, but for good reason; it’s been super busy here for the last month or so, and I have barely had time to unpack.

In between landing from the UK, and spending time in Shanghai and Kunshan, I managed a diversion on the way to Guangzhou to stop in and say hi to Team M&T.; Always a pleasure!

We didn’t have too much planned, so it was doubly pleasant to match my request of A. great food, and B. some hiking. The food was the easy bit, blending Thai and Indian flavours, while we managed a quick excursion up to the north of the city to check up on some delinquent Buddas, that seemed to be trying their best to escape their mounts and leg it down the hillside.

Chunking Mansions Infrastructure

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