Typhoon Morakot

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In the eye of the storm

The island has been hit by the first proper Typhoon of the year; ‘Morakot’. Well, I say hit, but this was a particularly impotent Typhoon by my standards, barely shaking the windows. The island did shut down on Friday, meaning I was working from home. This is okay, but I do tend to get a dose of cabin fever when stuck inside with the sound of rain outside – frustrating and greasy … but I did manage to complete Mario Kart in Arcade Mode yesterday so all is not lost.

As ever, jumping on the mountain bike this morning managed to blow out the cobwebs and redeemed the weekend. Great feeling it is; riding in the rain when everyone else is indoors. Been off the wheels for a few weeks now, so it was well overdue.

Update: While it has been pretty safe in Taipei, the rest of the island has been pretty hard hit … best wishes to all those down south who are facing some pretty tough conditions.

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