Wake Boarding Taiwan

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Wave rider

Nick had the genius to book a day of wake boarding in west Taipei, near Wugu. After incessant requests from my sister to go while in the UK, I finally had the opportunity to bite the bullet, and ‘shred the rad’, as we wake boarders say. It took a few attempts to get up on my feet, but after that it was fun in the sun. A perfect activity for an oppressively humid day in Taipei, and one that I would like to repeat in the near future. Add to that this morning’s mountain bike ride, and I had a real ‘action’ weekend … and my body aches to prove it.

The price of old rope

Sneak pics

Taipei Yacht Club

Beautiful clear water – just don’t touch the bottom.

Rear view mirror

Views to the mountains / motor ways. It was nice to see Taipei from a different angle …

… which I did. Several times.

Rocket man.

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