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There have been several details on my website that have been bugging me for the last year or two since i did the redesign. First, the frankly stupid decision to remove the link back to the front page, from pages of content, has been revoked, so the site should be a wee bit easier to navigate now. Second, the layout of the ‘profile’ part of the page always really irritated me; I could never get it to line-up properly, and the text always failed to wrap properly. This problem has been more or less solved by deleting most of the information. Finally, there have been very detail changes to the layout and colours, and a couple of broken links have been reinstated.

I have been playing with the idea of adding an animated ‘badge’ back to my Flickr or Last.FM pages, but they all look more like adverts when loaded up, rather than the subtle layout I would like more.

At the same time as this ‘toy’ research, it has made me rather think how I want to move forward with the site. It looks comically small on my high-resolution monitor at work, and it is not especially easy to navigate or access older pages. I am wondering about adding a ‘greatest hits’ list to link to my favourite entries, or a tag cloud … but I don’t know, I think the list is already long enough as it stands – I don’t want to add any more complexity.

I can imagine some paradigm shift in the near-future; geo-blogging enriched with photos, or Blogger offering some more intelligent and interactive way to engage … but until then I am more or less happy to continue to tweak and preen the site as it stands. What fun.

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