Taipei Flora Expo Preparation

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Even though China got the Olympics, I have to respect the effort that Taiwan put in to host the Deaflympics and World Games; no easy feat.  However, the fact that Shanghai is hosting the World Expo does not justify to me why Taiwan has to have its own tit-for-tat Exposition, in the form of the Taipei International Flora Exposition; an event I am not even sure has existed before.

Construction is taking place at great pace across the city, making me question how serious they are about the themes of sustainability and eco-friendliness, let-alone the amount of aviation fuel they expect will be burnt if the six million expected visitors to make the trip successfully.  I am already tired of the event mascots, and am irritated that they opted to fill in perfectly good parkland when it would have been far more progressive to take over an area of brown-field industries that could kick-off urban renewal.

Take a look at the web sites and tell me I am not being cynical.  Enjoy the mind-bending animation and music!

Looks like they are making some permanent extensions to the Fina Arts Museum too…

That’s a wrap!

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