Maokong Gondola

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Nikki and I made a run for the city limits, and opted to test-out the newly restarted Maokong Gondola up into the hills.  I had attempted twice before to use the service, but prior to the landslide that began to undermine one of the pylons the crowds were simply too big.  Now?  Well, no-one wants to ride it, which is fine in my book as the queues are close to zero.

Taipei is closer to nature than pretty much any other city that I can think of, and it’s nice to have access that does not involve hour-long climbs on the mountain bike.  A lovely way to spend a late afternoon, and fantastic to go and throw some hot water on some tea leaves and soak in the lovely sunset.  Wonderful.


Shooting into the sky.

Pensive, while pouring tea.

Our sunshine account is running into the red.

Lovely Bugatti blue seats on the underground back to the city centre.

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