A Dirty Weekend in Hong Kong

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2010 was the Chinese Year of the Mountain Bike, starting it in style on two wheels in Hong Kong, taking in some of Taiwan’s best riding, and ending up recently with a new bike to call my own.  After proving the intra-Asian transport options over new year, I cashed-in some air miles that were burning a hole in my pocket and decided to fly to see Sam, plus Michael and Tanja before their wee one arrives on the scene.

An ambitious two day itinerary was set for the riding; the Taimoshan trail only being pieced back together after seven months of trying to find it again after new year.  The weather held, and we were left with two lovely days of sunshine, eating, drinking and riding.  Intense, but just the thing to kick off a good Autumn of fun and frolics.  I am now in fact considering a week of mountain biking in New Zealand for Chinese New Year 2011.  Just need to book those flights!

On the way to the ferry terminal – riding in HK is a different beast to Taiwan; no scooters ironically makes it less bike-friendly, and the boisterous buses were not pleasant riding companions.

On the ferry out to Lantau island … makes for a pleasant change from riding for 35 minutes through Taipei traffic!

Stopping for a photo at the infamous ‘Refrigerator’ rock – well framed, don’t you agree!

The weather on the first day got to all of us – it was bloody hot and humid.  This didn’t seem to effect the fellow mountain bikers on the boat back, who scoffed at our meagre efforts; the higher proportion of bankers in the HK expat population definitely equates to more wankers.  Such is the order of things.

Very happy to make it to 7-11 at the end of the ride … I have never drunk so much Gatorade for such a sustained period of time.

Some more waiting around for the guys to finish work on Michael’s bike – some mechanicals that needed to be sorted out (and free replacement brakes, no less!).

So, the end of Day 1 of riding … day 2 saw zero photos; we were too busy riding!  You can however see the photos from earlier in the year if you want to see what Taimoshan looks like.

Hanging out with the ladies – was amazing to see Tanja, and Tony’s fiancee was in town to sort out wedding docs.

Sunset over Kowloon.

Obligatory shot of wires.

Good luck next month guys!  It was simply wonderful to see you!

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  1. Jean-Luc Picard
    Posted 2010/09/07 at 18:56 | Permalink

    Sooo… why didn’t you get the carbon frame again? hahaha

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