474m, 100 Floors, 500 Posts

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And what better way to mark it than with an introduction to the skywalk in the Shanghai World Finance Center? While I had been there before, I had not had the chance to experience a death-defying encounter with a 474m drop, in the world’s highest observation deck (higher, even than the Burj). All I can say is ‘sweaty palms’; I was not in very good shape, and all my natural instincts to ‘fight or flight’ kicked in at the same moment. Humans, I am convinced, are not supposed to walk on glass floors, half a mile in the sky …

Just a normal day at work – wave at the funny foreigner with the camera.

Nothing can phase those guys.

My hotel – the Renaissance at Zhongshan Park – is the building at the middle-top.

A split personality.

Just watching the world go by.

I was really pooing myself.

An impressive sight!

Window cleaners.

What made it even scarier were all the mirrors everywhere … when I walked in, I was actually a little disorientated to know what was floor, and what was glass.

Said mirrors.

Exit at the junction.


I think this captures all the main buildings!

Quite a view …

The first punchline …

… the second punchline is that they sell a bottle opener of the building in the shape of a bottle opener!  Sadly, it was huge, metal and about thirty quid!  Get me a fake, please.

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    Wow…. I’ve “only” been to the Oriental Pearl Tower when I was in Shanghai… and thought THAT was high… they’re were still constructing the bottle opener… but hey, it’s been 4 years ago, that’s a lot in China-years :)
    Brilliant pictures, love them. Keep clicking!

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