Hong Kong Babies

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Congratulations to Michael & Tanja!  Newest Mum & Dad in Hong Kong!

Massively proud, and delighted to be able to drop-in on you before the big day … but not the most punctual baby in the world, might I add?

See all of you soon!

There is probably a rule about pregnant ladies not being allowed ice-cream.

Michael practices photography on some other babies.

WAS THAT IT?!  Ready?!  EMEGENCY!!  What?  Oh okay.  My nerves were on-edge, as I imagined myself helping rush Tanja to the hospital with Michael.

Rules about giving up seats to those in need simply do not apply in Hong Kong.  I am positive someone would give up their seat if challenged, but it’s not really good enough, is it?

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  1. Eleanor
    Posted 2010/10/07 at 19:35 | Permalink

    Giving up seats on the London Underground doesn’t happen much either!

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