Taipei Biennial 2010

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Misgivings about the limited arts scene in Taiwan always evaporate when the Biennial sets up shop; the curators are clearly highly adept at collecting a thought-provoking selection of work.  This year’s, while seemingly smaller than in the past, none-the-less tackled some spicy political subjects, not least directly criticising the Flora Expo being held on its doorstep.  It didn’t pull any punches in illustrating the number of trees killed as a result of the construction work outside.  Anyway, some quick images:

Building site for the Flora Expo next to the Art Museum.

Preparation for the Flora expo proceeding as planned.

Aggressive wall murals at the Biennial

Map of the damaged or destroyed trees that made way for the Floral Expo.

When I walked past this on the way in, I just thought it was a Bali-style bust of a religious figure.  Coming out of the exhibition, I was pleasantly surprised to see a stack of Yellow Pages!  It’s these little surprises that I appreciate, even if they are slightly gimmicky.

This room had a set of rotating discs, and alternated having lights on or off, creating shadows and glowing … impossible to sum up in a photo.  Anyway.

I was extremely taken with this infinite picture frame.

Double hat.  Tres chic.

Hanging at an angle.

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