Taichung Escape

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Since we will both be travelling a fair bit in the near future, Nikki and I decided to make a break for the border and head down for a weekend away in Taichung – Taiwan’s second city.  The bigger spaces, cleaner air, better weather and more relaxed pace makes for a good get-away location.  That, and being able to sample some of the crazy hotels that the hotel is famous for.

Browsing the shops in the nightmarkets of Taichung is never anything less than a visual overload – and a pleasure.  Hello Kitty kitsch is so stunningly ubiquitous as to slowly become invisible.  Miffy stuff, however, seems to have fallen completely out of favour.  Ah, the whims of the Taiwanese cute collector.

An Aladdin’s Cave of cuteness

I wish I had bought this sleeping mask now … it would be perfect for the flight back!

Doggy and kitty fashion by the boatload

High-speed Takoyaki restaurant, with its own custom oil sucker-upper … pretty sure they shouldn’t need that much oil, but I guess that’s how they come here.

I am constantly amused by the legs descending from the sky in Taiwanese night markets.

Nikki in the Museum of Fine Arts – Taichung

Watching the clouds, skies, and kites on the grass … people don’t lie on the grass much in Taiwan!

Reflecting on things #1

Reflecting on things #2

Waiting for the HSR back to Taipei.

Exit Through The Gift Shop

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