HK NYE 2011

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A bit late in the writing, but who cares – this year was another HK mission to seek out the new year in style.  Flying back from the UK, I popped my head round the door for about 18 hours, before heading back to Taiwan.  Lots of fun!

We chose the rather amazing Magnolia as our scene for pre-NYE eating and drinking … BYOB. Cajun food. Great company, insane amounts of food.

Watching the chefs prepare the meal from our ring-side seats.

Insane amounts of meat.

Delicious … but it didn’t stop coming.  This mac and cheese probably would have fed us all on its own.

Edgar doing his very best Budda impression.

Obligatory photos of HK neon.

At the Bloomberg studios to watch the fireworks from between the HSBC and China Bank buildings.  The prime vantage point … or so we thought.

Pretty cool Bloomberg kit everywhere.

Screens all blank.

My camera lens chose an excellent time to fail … but frankly we couldn’t see anything, since we were actually INSIDE the fireworks display; it was all off the buildings essentially above us.

T-plus five minutes, four seconds … looks rather like the beamer from Tron, don’t you think?

… and if you want to watch the fireworks from Kowloon … we are in the building with the rainbows on it, on the right side!

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