Enchanted Rock

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West of Austin is Texas Hill Country; an area of rugged hills that reaches as far as the suburbs, and provides access to some pretty splendid hiking and biking.  One of the tourist honeypots of the area is Enchanted Rock, an enormous granite rock dome, rising 130m above the surrounding area. We thought it would be a grand day out for the Bogners, Lattos and, well,  Biddle.  Perhaps due to the ‘snowpocalypse’ of the previous week, there were fewer people venturing out – and this combined with the fantastic weather and cool air, made for a great day.


It was steep!

Skylar has different ideas on the route. “Should we stop him?’

Les Bogneurs

The girls were on fine form!

Rugged, yet thoughtful.  The designer’s designer.

Flyin’ high!

Which way?


Eric gives me the thousand-yard Texas stare.  The children’s clothing draped round his neck finishes the look.


Practising for when he needs to work at Dell.


Different shades of cuteness.


The adventurer sets off once again

Pistols at dawn.


After, we headed to the truly bizarre Trois Estate … home of a faux-real Texan Mexican ranch church grotto cap-gun museum wine bar.  All slightly unhinged, but lots of fun.


Doors leading somwhere

Silly moos.

Silly cow.

Dinner was at one of the ‘seven’ true Texan barbecues; Coopers. I have to say it was not a patch on the truly carcinogenic Louis Mueller’s … I still dream of the steak brisket I had there.

Staring at the stuffed animals on the wall.

Admiring their collection of barbed wire history.

Main street, Llamo, and time to head home.

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