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DIY Sous Vide

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Sous Vide 1

Our friend Dave, who is an engineer at Microsoft in Seattle, paid us a visit last week. Reports had been circulating that he had assembled his own Sous Vide; a device that enables highly-accurate temperature control for cooking, in the manner of Heston Blumenthal. By […]

Designing a Notebook

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The penny dropped when my own Father announced that his company was ordering them for their employees; the heat was really on! Rewind; the Vostro brand, specifically established to provide Small Business owners with IT solutions. Until this point, the products were good value and […]

Lipstick on a Pig – Taipei Floral Expo 2011

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Taipei_Floral_Expo 10

I had deep reservations with the Taipei Flora Expo, even before getting the tickets. China gets the Olympics; Taiwan gets the Deaflympics and World Games. Shanghai gets the World Expo; Taipei makes a ‘Flora Expo’ for itself. I don’t see anything more than a cynical […]

Wulai Weekender

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First classic Lars situation: Three taxis, three couples, three kids, looking for a restaurant in a car repair area. BAM. Gone as soon as you realise it started, weekends with the old Taipei crew are always a riot of food, laughter, cheap beer, good whisky […]

Protected: First Words from B

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