Wulai Weekender

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Wulai Weekender 1

First classic Lars situation: Three taxis, three couples, three kids, looking for a restaurant in a car repair area.

BAM. Gone as soon as you realise it started, weekends with the old Taipei crew are always a riot of food, laughter, cheap beer, good whisky and trips to the sweaty parts of the island. This time was no different. Well, except for the new addition of children to the mix.

Ostensibly here for the bike show, Anke was meeting with her Taiwanese employer here in Taiwan; an electric bike technology organisation. Lars popped over with her, providing baby sitting services for Linnéa, and new addition Luc. With the addition of Edgar, we suddenly had a trio of little critters running around and demanding the attention of our weary digital cameras.

Mere minutes in, I was already in a taxi, picking up Yuyin and racing across the city in search of a Gongbao Chicken recommendation from Mattieu. Dispite noisy disapproval from the cab driver, as he claimed there was ‘nothing there’, the flotilla of taxis made their way across Taipei. Circling around the area once, I took control of the situation, and pointed us back in the opposite direction to the reliable (but still delicious) ‘rechao’ on Leli Rd. Sorry to be a party pooper!

Wulai Weekender 2

Reminds me of a photo I took of Linéa a couple of years ago.

Wulai Weekender 3

Cute as a button.

Wulai Weekender 4

I admire Lars’ new camera.

Wulai Weekender 5

Luc is kind of a chilled out hippie baby.

Wulai Weekender 6

Green with pride

Wulai Weekender 7

Looking to the stars with Lars.

Real focus of the weekend was returning to Wulai, of course. Beloved for it’s completely crazy and lovely public hot springs, fabulous landscape, and easy access to Taipei, I make it up there with some regularity. Through what can only be described as mistakes of planning, I managed to find ourselves a pretty awesome hotel, with a huge mega room (naturally complete with KTV) for the two families and myself to crash. While I feared for the worst regarding sleep, Michael took care of it with a bottle of two of good whisky. Out like a light.

Garnished with smoked chicken, and washed down with a dip in the hot springs, it was one of those classic weekends that can’t really be summed up. Awesome.

Wulai Weekender 8

Edgar is like a mini version of Michael, but with a better sense of humour.

Wulai Weekender 9

Our excellent hotel, Melody Villa – prepare for crazy flash and music onslaught. Are they all from one web designer?

Wulai Weekender 10


Wulai Weekender 11

Colours of Wulai

Wulai Weekender 12

In the rush to leave the restaurant, we almost forgot Linéa.

Wulai Weekender 13

Absolutely no bungee jumping allowed.

The hot springs were no different from usual; lovely organised chaos. The only mistake we made this time was bringing food in (‘hey we know what we are doing!’) which inevitably resulted in coffee filling one of the pools, and bits of waffle floating around for everyone to enjoy.

Wulai Weekender 14


Wulai Weekender 15

I have about a thousand of these shots, as I was playing with my new waterproof (and ugly) camera.

Wulai Weekender 16

Sugar and spice and all things nice.

Wulai Weekender 17

If the kids were superstars already in Taipei, nothing prepared us for Wulai. Never alone, without comments about their skin or eyelids, you knew they were around due to loud screams of ‘hao ke’ai o!‘ (how cute!) echoing around the valleys. Luc and Edgar, while a mere five days apart, are built rather differently; Edgar like a little German Budda, and Luc like a tiny hippie cherub.

Wulai Weekender 18

Chilled out Luc.

Wulai Weekender 19

Never anything less than fascinated and smiling Edgar.

Wulai Weekender 20

Checking out the waterproof camera.

Wulai Weekender 21

Man time.

No trip to Taiwan would be complete without a visit to a nightmarket. While not really quite a nightmarket, Wulai’s old street sufficed, and provided us with some tasty treats for later on the evening.

Wulai Weekender 22

Wulai old street.

Wulai Weekender 23

Racing car start.

Wulai Weekender 24

Luc doing some window shopping

Wulai Weekender 25

Views up one of the side streets to buckets filled with eggs.

Wulai Weekender 26

Convenience store.

See you next year I hope!


  1. Posted 2011/03/25 at 15:51 | Permalink

    hi jonny,
    thanks for the very nice picuteres.
    Edgar is like a mini version of Michael, but with a better sense of humour. = perfectly!!
    taiwan is always good for memories and meeting places.
    next time it is certainly even mor children.
    have a good time, greetings rosi and thomas

  2. Posted 2011/04/02 at 00:04 | Permalink

    I just want to let you know how helpful your site has been to a first time traveler like us! :) Here’s a short post on how Taiwan charmed me and my family! Thank you!


  3. Daniel
    Posted 2011/04/05 at 14:26 | Permalink

    What camera are you using to take those photos..

  4. Daniel
    Posted 2011/04/11 at 07:16 | Permalink

    wow..must cost a fortune

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