Lipstick on a Pig – Taipei Floral Expo 2011

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I had deep reservations with the Taipei Flora Expo, even before getting the tickets.

China gets the Olympics; Taiwan gets the Deaflympics and World Games. Shanghai gets the World Expo; Taipei makes a ‘Flora Expo’ for itself. I don’t see anything more than a cynical distraction from real issues, and a vote-grabbing exercise; ‘lipstick on a pig’. Rather than actually fixing the environmental, architectural and pollution problems of Taipei, just put on a 400 million US$ flower show. And then tell the people in Taiwan it’s an ‘international’ event.

Despite the claims of corruption and environmental destruction, vast queues have regularly formed both inside and outside the event for the last few months. So, instead of just sitting in my apartment all cynical, I popped along with Yuyin to check it out.

Welcome, one and all!

The exterior of the Future Pavilion

… the outside, formed from recycled plastics, is likely to stick around after the event.

Yuyin, and the best colour of leather ever.

The Taiwan Pavilion (joking, joking!) … although wouldn’t it be cool if it was; I think the government takes itself too seriously for that to ever happen.

Roof detail of the Taiwan pavilion. Made from basket-like materials, for some reason.

Some level of coherence in the public building structures …

… reflected in the details of the drainage. Rather nice, I thought.

Different varieties of plants on display.

I think I actually want to make a clock, after seeing these fake clocks made from security mirrors

I think it’s great that Taiwan is making an effort to become progressive, innovative and ‘green’, but I think there are more authentic, effective ways than this. Let’s hope there is at least some legacy.

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