Wufen Mountain

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A pretty awesome ride out to Wufen Mountain (五分山: 757m) in the first of the really deeply hot days here in Taiwan. Still, a pretty early start, some strong legs, and some good team mates, meant that I was back in time for lunch. I am, however, completely toasted!

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98.7km … I should have gone out to buy some milk to bring it up to a square 100km!

Stopping for a quick rest at the saddle of the first climb coming out of the Taipei basin.


Looking up at Mordor - a pretty beastly climb - and finally approaching the top. I was fairly satisfied with the kick I was able to give around the corners though (the mountain biking doesn't hurt for those explosive bursts!).

The guys laying down some rubber on the main climb! This was less a 五分 mountain (5 pieces mountain), and more like a 500!

It was a little frustrating to get to the top and not even find any shade.

The weather station - I guess for checking Chinese weather.

At least some people could find some shade!

Looking back down at the technical and devilishly fun descent!

This descent is going to be fun.


5 Pieces Mountain ... or 500?

Stopping to pose after some well-deserved icey treats in Pingxi.

It's amazing that the views into this cycling playground are a mere 20 minutes from my house... like a crazy idiot, I added an extra climb into the end of my ride. I was ready for another Zoca pizza!

Hopefully some more photos and GPS information, as the rest of the guys send me their information. More rides to come this summer, for sure!

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