Alamere Falls Hike

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The day after our kitsch night out, we planned to escape the city and head for the hills. Joining friends from Facebook and Google, we drove over the Golden Gate and into Marin County. It was all very odd with Abe and Armando; we are 30-ish year guys and we have never been in a car with one of the others driving … the same thing with almost all of my Asia-based friends, in fact. Unthinkable in Europe or the USA.



Making a beeline for Alamere Falls in Marin county, we hit Taipei-levels of traffic as people headed out to make the most of the holiday weekend. Our late start then bled into massive delays, and we arrived at the trail head at about 4pm. Since the sun was likely to set at about 8pm, we decided to strap on our shoes and go for it.

We wound our way through majestic redwoods, light pouring through and the sound of the sea filtering through the birdsong: oh how I wish Taiwan had a more temperate climate, otherwise I would be doing this every weekend!

Breaking through the trees, we began the final descent towards the cliffs, a substantial stream picking its way down through the rocks on its way to the ocean. Gathering to take triumphant photos at the base of the waterfall, it was fantastic to be in such a beautiful place with so many good friends.

Stepping out … a little later than we first planned!

Big trees demand a big lens

Peeking over the horizon and thinking of Taiwan on the other side!

The first of the falls heading down towards the beach.



‘I was young and I needed the money’


Abe art directs the photo of a perfect Californian view. Armando has other plans.

As a direct result of our tardy start, we enjoyed some pretty amazing light and views across the trees.

Sunshine account in the red.

Seeing this photo, I couldn’t help but think of Japanese photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto, who did the last U2 album cover

Team Jazz Hands!

And a note to myself and the people that were there … ‘deaf hands!’

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