London Graf

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A quick 48 hours in London to catch up with some old friends and reacquaint ourselves with the old city.

Walking from the V&A Post-Modernism exhibition to central London.

View down the Thames - the city scape evolving. Would be good to hire someone without Foster or Rogers for once, eh?

Reflecting, as usual.

Tacita Dean @ Tate Modern

Man I wish I had made it to seeĀ Fiona BannerĀ at Tate Britain though.

Tacita Dean filling the Turbine Hall at Tate Modern ... not quite as arresting or immediately accessible as previous years, but I was happy to see motion media being employed.

Twisting and distorting film by hand

This is what I call a real art space - one that kids can run through and enjoy

View from behind


Ai Weiwei ... would have loved to have seen the original piece, but they had a few million on display for the visitors.

Too cool for art

Brick Lane Graffiti

Enjoying the street art along Brick Lane.

Space Invader!

Locals also enjoying it.


Old geezers - hey was that the same guy?


I wonder how much the local authorities tolerate / encourage the work?

Bright colours

Seems that portraits are pretty edgy right now.

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