Meeting Isla May Hargreaves

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One of the highlights of this most exciting of years was meeting my beautiful new niece, Isla May Hargreaves. What an adorable little bundle she is … looking forward to spending much more time with you in the coming years!

Isla May Hargreaves

Grandmother & Granddaughter

The ladies of the household


Three's a Crowd

Ben shows his affection for Isla, although I am not sure Isla appreciates it just yet.


The Hargreaves (Mainly Benjamin)

Benny in the park

Enjoying the see-saw at the local park

Daddy's boy

Connect Four

Ben really - really - loves tractors

Yes okay, we are going home now.

Ben has his own ideas

Where is he going?


Yuyin and Ben walking back to the car.

Curious eyes.


I think I am an Asian tourist now. Here are some cows.


Yuyin in Cambridge

Swings & Roundabouts

Cambridge cafe timeout

Yuyin likes Cambridge

Autumn fashion

Oh Cambridge, you silly city.

Chilling out by the river - it must be hard to be a student here.

Colours of Autumn

Autumn is one of my favourite times of year; especially in a place as beautiful as Cambridge. It’s been an amazing year of arrivals and departures, and of changes. But one thing that does not change is my fantabulous family.

Autumn means changes ahead


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