How to Pack Your Life into Boxes

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How to pack your life into boxes, in 12 easy steps:

1. Identify the most important things in your life and loosely throw them into the living room

2. Invite a team of highly-trained strangers into your life, with inappropriately large amounts of packing material.

3. Stand there helpless as they start work. Nod and say yes to whatever questions they pose to you.

4. Marvel at the amazing lengths they go to, to pack every single thing you own (since you have a huge 20ft container it doesn't what you take anyway)

5. Go outside to get away from the insanity. Consider taking up smoking.

6. Stare lovingly at your prized possessions, before the inevitable happens.

7. Marvel (and shake your head repeatedly) at the volume of stuff you seem to have accumulated.

8. Wander around as you pathetically fail help them do their job.

9. Choose around now in the process to look for very important visa documentation, that has accidentally packed away.

10. Stand outside looking at the truck, as would a small child watching a construction site.

NOTE: The final things that should be packed, and the first to be shipped, should be your computing equipment. Stop your iTunes sync halfway through completion to make sure you have no complete albums for the trip ahead.

11. Wave goodbye to your stuff, as it might be the last time you see it.

12. Inform your friends it is now too late to return borrowed items.



  1. michael
    Posted 2011/11/21 at 16:26 | Permalink

    nice keyboard!

  2. simply olivia
    Posted 2011/11/29 at 10:17 | Permalink

    haha, i haven’t been here for a while. this is a funny post. hope SF is wonderful!!!!! take care!

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