Checking Out the Neighbourhood

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The rental market in San Francisco is notoriously challenging. Estate agent advertising is virtually non-existent, and people rely on what should be a relic; Craigslist. It came as a bit of a shock, then, to be presented with a place almost perfectly matching our needs after a mere day and half of searching. It’s a modestly-sized, renovated Victorian apartment in the south of Noe Valley – the location balances access to the freeway, public transport downtown and while it is not quite as close to the beating heart of some of the areas like Potrero and Mission, that is probably not such a bad thing; we are but a walk away to Mexican food and more cosmopolitan entertainment. Noe Valley could be compared to Notting Hill … but with more Labradors and baby strollers.

A short walk to the more exciting areas of Mission - here you will find the fixie bikes, hipsters and yoga, but also Mexican murals and awesome food from down south

I am really excited by the food options - local, independent butchers, fruit and veg on the corner, any number of delicatessens ... oh and online delivery for Safeway. No excuses not to cook now!

Superb cafes within a stone's throw

Super access to public transport ... downtown only 15 minutes away on the new J-Line that runs by at the bottom of our street

Our street - soon to be called home!

And our home ... not perhaps the most beautiful example of Victorian style, but it still means we have a little slice of San Francisco living.

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