Some Recent Rides

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I am pleased to say I am making use of the bikes I brought from Taiwan.

Highlights this month are without doubt my pilgrimage to Mt. Tam – spiritual home of mountain biking – and getting a ride in before work. Not just a standard pootle-along … a proper ride. Needless to say, I was a little tired in the office that day.


Mt. Tam

Prepping the bikes. I am pretty lucky to have a couple of others in the office that enjoy riding bikes (and skiing, and general outdoorsy things).

Huffing and puffing on the up-hill ... I think I pushed a little too hard early on, and struggled to keep up on the upper sections.

Fantastic views from the top over to the Bay Area.

... and classic down-hilling (though still lacking the seat-of-your-pants thrills of Taipei)


Belt Drive City Attack

Stepping out early (my rental car and parking space in the background, incidentally)

Climbing the not insubstantial hill behind my house.

Ready to ride across the Golden Gate for the first time (!)

An absurdly beautiful sunset over the Golden Gate ... you can see how it got its name.


The Transamerica looking even more cryptic than usual.


Pre-Work Ride

Proper sub-zero conditions, and I had definitely not brought enough clothes - this is California!

View from the top, looking down into Cupertino and San Jose

I mean really ... this is before work?!

Lovely descending through single-track woodlands back to the car, shower, coffee (and a meeting).


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