Ken in San Francisco

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My first house guest!

Ken was in town to take care of activities at the hand-built bike show over in Sacramento, and managed to set aside some good time to hang out at the house, and with the Sitzer clan. Good times.

Hannah and Mia fully mature in the back of the car.

Ken's ride; the ridiculous Dodge Charger / cop car. It made satisfying 'whaaarrrrr' sounds while pretending to accelerate.

Classic Alameda Flea Market Chaos ... I came away with a couple of lamp bases, a vase, some egg cups (thanks to Hannah), and basically none of the stuff that I originally went to purchase.

Flea market purgatory (these are Ken's pics, by the way ... I rather like this one)

Instagram - "Feets"

Adjusting the stereo?

Feeling a little more energetic on the way home.

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  1. Ken O
    Posted 2012/09/10 at 18:01 | Permalink

    What, no LIKE button? Maaaaaaaaan this blog sucks! Making do all this typin’ an’ shit.

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