Alcatraz in the Sun

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Leaving the Rock, and thinking of the ROC

I am lucky enough to have my parents visiting at the moment; here for a few days before heading down to San Diego, and taking a leisurely drive up the coast. While the first Saturday was a wash-out, the sun came out to play on Sunday, and we counted ourselves lucky to have such a pleasant day to visit one of the most famous tourist destinations in America; Alcatraz.

It certainly is a tourist trap, but the constricted numbers (book ahead in the summer, folks) and unbelievable location make it a must-see attraction. The audio tour – usual a gimmick – adds tremendous depth and atmosphere to the experience … very much recommended, and even better followed-up with hot clam chowder.


Mum, in the spotlight

Beautiful decay on the old buildings; it's just a shame so many of them were being left to rot. Sea air, concrete, and steel are not a good mix.

Jail birds

The audio tour exceeded my expectations ... I am looking forward to going back to do the tour at night next time I have visitors.

What must it have been like, to look out and see this? Apparently, if the wind was right, you could hear the sounds of party revellers in San Francisco wafted across on the breeze.

Thoughtful moments

The sun was pouring in through the windows; I am glad we went on Sunday, instead of the rather wetter and colder Saturday.


Looking across at my adopted home

Zebra doors

There are swimming races each year, but the of legends inmates not being able to swim across alive stand.

Original signage, combined with the 1969 Indian protester signs, during the Nixon era.

Bird on the breeze

I wonder as well how long the piers are going to last - the concrete pillars not looking too strong at the moment.

Shutters, and back on dry land we are.

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