Marin Weekender

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Mum & Dad, having completed their main tour from San Diego back up to San Francisco, now have a couple of weeks with me in the Bay Area. We took the opportunity of having good weather to cross the Golden Gate and spend the weekend in Marin. Day 1: antique shopping in Petaluma, and Day 2: a fantastic walk in the sun, retracing our steps to Alamere Falls. After the manufactured saccharine charms of SoCal, I think it was a breath of fresh air.

Dad navigates the streets of San Francisco, to the accompaniment of the Bullett theme tune

Crossing the bridge never gets old - it's stunning.

Objects in the rear view mirror may appear closer than they are

Hold onto your hats!

Dad, clearly enjoying the Mustang

What a team.

We retraced the steps we made in the summer hike to Alamera Falls, back in July

Even though 99% of people make the detour to the beach, the rangers seem to ignore this fact, and mark it unmaintained.

View out to Point Reyes - very much need to go there some time soon.

Dad negotiates the frankly slightly scary cliff down to the beach

Unconventional team photo

Don't go chasing waterfalls

Dad and I, standing above the cliffs

One more for good measure

The trip back ... and you are reminded that you are in Marin - the wackiest collection of individuals this side of, well, San Francisco

Sunset Strip

The breathtaking return through the tunnel back to the city


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