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Taking advantage of the extended Memorial Day weekend, I tacked on an extra day and winged it away from the West Coast for a weekend in New York City. What a place; I had visited in my early twenties, but it makes a major difference when you have local friends to visit and, crucially, a credit card.

First impression: the people are far more friendly and polite than I realised. Ticket collectors forgave my mistakes on the trains, strangers waved me towards the correct subway stop, people held doors open for me and random acts of kindness and humour caught me off-guard. The combination of awe-inspiring vertical scale, surprisingly large horizontal distances needed to traverse the place and warped sense of horizon and perspective, combined with these little bits of humane magic, make for an addictive combination.

I managed to spend a solid chunk of time with some great people. Yes, people, I have New York friends; Mia and Brian of San Francisco fame, and then Matt Landman, who I know through Ken in Taiwan, and had only ever met once in an evening of insane metal and rock.

Highlights: getting caught on the ferry in the rain and walking up Manhattan using the freeways as shelter, an evening on top of ’30 Rock’ – The Rockefeller Center, and wandering through Brooklyn, fire hydrants opened up to drench the local kids with cooling water. Did I mention how hot the weather was?

Since New York is about half way back to London (insane, no?), I can imagine I will be back here soon.

View from Brian's apartment to the streets below

Brian displaying his abilities

The sense of perspective in this space is wonderfully warped

Standard issue taxi cab shot

New York feels simultaneously more American, and European at the same time, compared to San Francisco

V22 Osprey Tiltrotor Crazycopters were circling Manhattan for the whole time - I thought they had been decommissioned for safety reasons

Modesty (Instagram)

Sheltering from the rain (Instagram)

Brunch at Freemans ... and as it turns out the same chain as where I get my hair cut in SF

The skyline - never anything less than amazing

Williamsburg - hipster central. I swear I did not pose this shot. Ridiculous.

5th Avenue

I was obsessed with what people were wearing; so much more stylish than San Francisco or Taipei

Public artwork more common than in California

41 Cooper Square - by Thom Mayne

Shadows of Train Tracks

Catching up with Mr. Matt Landman

Mia rocks the graf

Delighted to see fire hydrants opened up everywhere in Brooklyn for impromptu street parties - I thought this only happened in the movies. I was expecting the Sesame Street cast to walk past at any moment.

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