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Downieville lives in mountain biking folklore as home to some of the best riding on the West Coast. Site of the famous Downieville Classic bike race, it’s the spiritual centre of ‘all-mountain riding’; combining cross-country and downhill disciplines into one.

Booking at the last possible minute, we scored accommodation at the delightful Lure Resort - camping, but without the headache of tents.

The riding? Some of the most intense, varied and scenic riding I have ever ridden. And the town was probably the most genuinely friendly places I have been in this mad little country I now call home.

Bikes are loaded up onto the truck - it wasn't all being lazy; it was up in the 90s in the valley, and considerably cooler up in the hills.

Insanely, we rode up alongside Paul, from Paul's Components fame ... slightly star struck!

At the top of the first climb, we topped 2200m ... rather tired!

Endless single track along the ridge

Anton takes a quick power nap at "A Tree"

One of the many stream crossings of the first day

Go too quickly, and you might miss this crucial right-hander

First of many!

Day two, on the Downieville DH course ... Anton rips one of the turns

Hanging on the bridge

Dominic managed four punctures ... all by himself!

Cooling the legs in the river after the ride

The Lure Lodge - I think I might be back!

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