The Color Run – SF 2012

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Hand joined before the start.

I got the call last week to join a crew of people on the annual Color Run, held at Candlestick Park … what is that, I hear you say? It’s a fun run, where you get absolutely pelted with paint, every 1000m, ending up in a completely crazy, multi-coloured finale of techno and tacos.

Why? No moral. No ‘stop-racism’ message built in. Just paint being pelted at you, surrounded by screaming people … a fun day, with some great people.

Like a washing detergent advert

Entering the zone!

Betty looks happy after the blue stage (the best colour in my book)


Blue on orange

The after party- and more high-fives

Slightly less clean hands at the end of the event

You missed a bit

The fun part was now travelling home on public transport (thankfully there were several thousand other people doing the same thing). Some of the Chinese tourists on the Muni did look confused!


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