Tony & Kat

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Tony, one of my best Greek friends, got married to one of the best ladies I have had the pleasure of meeting, Miss P.

Naturally, I flew in to make sure she didn’t change her mind, and had an awesome weekend catching up with old Dell friends, and reminding myself what summer is supposed to be like.

Austin – I have a big place in my heart for you!

The Continental Club – essential

Austin aesthetics



My ride for the weekend … and stayed at the San Jose no less!

The Moment

Two of my favourite people

Victory lap

I also had the IMMENSE pleasure of meeting Kat’s girls, and saying hello again to Tony’s. What a great bunch of ladies.
Apparently, I am the biggest joke in the house, which is the nicest thing anyone has said to me. PRINCE PHILIP!

The coolest Mr and Mrs I know. 10/10!

For various reasons best left unsaid, I needed a drink.

Lord of the Dance


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    Jonathan Biddle, my favorite mandarin speaking brit…. Thanks for these great pictures and funny comments. We miss you all the time!!!! Thank you for coming to our wedding and celebrating our day with us!!!

    Love Kat

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