Russian River

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Fields of gold

Americans take their weekends very seriously – far more so than us lazy Europeans, who have lengthy holidays allotted to us. One of the local get-aways is to Russian River, an hour or two north of the Bay and nestled in some of the finest hills (and vineyards) in the country. Lauryn and I opted, for our first weekend away, to find a guest house in the charming town of Guerneville. A town that later revealed itself as the destination for outdoorsy gay community of San Francisco; the Rainbow Cattle Company bar name should have given it away! (

Still, a nice weekend away from the city, spent hiking, drinking and eating good food. I shall no doubt be back.

View across the hills to the Korbel wine plantations (ironically, the codename for my final project at Dell – you can’t escape!)

Said hills. Very purdy.

Depth of field … I am not finding myself playing with my SLR as much these days … but it is fun when I do.

Signs of Fall

The sun, cascading through the trees

Dawn. Ish.

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