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Thanksgiving on Stinson Beach

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Given how diligently commercialised the rest of the holidays in America have become, it comes as a pleasant surprise just how innocent and positive Thanksgiving is. Gather with friends and family, eat a little too much, drink until tipsy, and in the case of about […]

B’Jour Melbourne

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If Sydney was a city of personal trainers, Melbourne was one giant cafĂ© – a place clearly designed by a comittee of switched on 27 year olds. Most people work in bars, are grafitti artists or jazz musicians. I am not completely positive how anyone […]

Fulong Beach Festival

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Had a weekend at a music festival on the west of the island. Saw some good music – the best of which was the 5678s – they provided music for Kill Bill. The funny thing was the beach itself. The Taiwanese are petrified of swimming, […]